The CSBS Board of Directors approved formation of a Fintech Industry Advisory Panel (“Advisory Panel”) at its March 2017 Board Meeting to support state regulators’ increased efforts to engage with financial services companies involved in fintech.  The Advisory Panel will engage with the CSBS Emerging Payments and Innovation Task Force and other state regulators to identify actionable steps for improving state licensing, regulation, and non-depository supervision and for supporting innovation in financial services.

Advisory Panel Activities

Advisory Panel members are expected to commit to participating in at least two in-person meetings with members of the CSBS Emerging Payments and Innovation Task Force and other state banking commissioners over the next twelve months. Company representatives participating in these meetings should be at the executive officer level.

Panel Membership

Considering the breadth of technology deployment in the financial services industry, CSBS will make every effort to ensure the Fintech Advisory Panel is diverse and inclusive.  In establishing the industry Advisory Panel, CSBS will seek to include:

  • Companies based in different parts of the country,
  • Companies of different sizes,
  • Newer as well as more established companies, and
  • Adequate representation from different sectors of the financial services industry, including but not limited to money services businesses, consumer credit providers, mortgage loan originators, debt collectors, bank services companies, and banks.

Interested companies are invited to submit a statement of interest through the CSBS Fintech Industry Advisory Panel online portal.   To be considered, statements of interest must be submitted through the online portal by July 28, 2017.

Additional Questions

Please contact Margaret Liu at mliu@csbs.org or Matt Lambert at mlambert@csbs.org with additional questions.